About Tulamben Wreck Divers

Tony & Dot Medcraft, joint owners of Tulamben Wreck Divers, spent over 11 years in Exmouth, Western Australia running their previous dive store, Exmouth Dive Centre, before coming to Tulamben.

In 2000, having dived for sheer pleasure in Bali for years, Tony & Dot joined forces with Wayan Ambek, a local divemaster and businessman, to build their perfect dive centre & resort.

Bringing professional western standards, the Tulamben Wreck Divers Team offer a safe and fun diving environment for all their guests.

Opening in April 2003, from humble beginnings, Tulamben Wreck Divers is now one of the largest, and longest established, dive centres in Tulamben. 

Tulamben Wreck Divers is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort and all our dive guides and dive instructors are locals, with many of them having been with us from the beginning.


Tulamben Wreck Divers
Tony Medcraft
Tulamben Wreck Divers
Dot Medcraft
Tulamben Wreck Divers
Wayan Ambek