Ubud, Bat Cave at Gowalawah, Kertagosa Museum at Klungkung and Elephant Cave

1 Day Tour

Ubud is famous for its art and craft markets.

Ubud has become known worldwide as a centre for the arts. Spectacularly set among lush rice paddies and the stunning hillsides of central Bali, Ubud harbours a number of palaces and temples, museums and art galleries, and a host of cafes and restaurants.

It is where the image of Bali as a land of artists was created. A former principality, it has several palaces and Brahmin mansions, as well as beautiful houses built in the Gianyar architectural style. The modern Balinese art movement began here, when artists first began to abandon purely religious and court scenes for scenes of everyday life.

It's a place for leisurely strolls through rice paddies and lush forest, all within walking distance from the center of Ubud. Walking along the monkey forest or visiting the Ubud market can be very exciting. Ubud Market has kept much of its traditional charm, with squatting Balinese sellers haggling loudly among spices and vegetables. (Info & pics www.kecak.com)

Tours includes air-conditioned vehicle and local cultural guide and takes one whole day (about 6 hours round trip). Lunch is not included but both local or western lunches are available.

Price: US$ 60 for two people plus US$10 extra per additional person (maximum 4)

* Please remember to bring local Rupiahs to buy drink and food along the way on all tours