Shark Point

Excellent site for shark spotting!

Shark Point can be reached via snorkelling close to the Drop Off. The resident sharks are commonly white tip and black tip reef sharks and often rest at a depth of 20 to 30m in sandy areas. When currents are present, occasionally grey reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks circle out in the the blue.

The current may become quite strong here and sometimes cold water swells up forming thermoclines. Thermoclines may lower the water temperature to 24 degrees for a short period of time.

Shark Point- At a Glance
Site characteristics: Wall base
Visibility: 15-30 m average
Current: Moderate to strong
Coral growth: Good with variety of sponges and fans
Marine life White and black tip reef sharks
Highlight: Sharks and the beach access
Photo ops: 7/10 wide angle