Tulamben Coral Garden

Another terrific shore dive located directly opposite Tulamben Wreck Divers

The Garden starts at a depth of 2-15 m and is wonderfully grown featuring hard and soft coral alike. Besides numerous species of reef fish, the beautiful blue-yellow ribbon moray eel has found a home here.

This dive site is also a superb snorkelling spot with none to moderate current. You can expect to see all the characteristics and marine life of a healthy reef. Squid, cuttlefish are just a few of the thousands of animals found here. Small white tip reef sharks can often be found in the shallows.

Tulamben Coral Garden - At a Glance
Site characteristics: Reef
Visibility: 15-30 m average
Current: Mild to moderate
Coral growth: Fantastic coral, sponges and fans
Marine life Excellent - angelfish, bumphead parrotfish, triggerfish, reef fish etc
Highlight: Easy to dive, wonderful snorkelling and accessible from beach
Photo ops: 9/10 for both wide angle and macro