Amed Dive Site

Situated just 20 minutes south of Tulamben. Not only does Amed have some excellent dive sites but it is a beautiful and intriguing village.

Amed villagers exist from salt panning, so as you arrive you will notice the woodpiles used for salt extraction - quite unusual.

Amed Coral Garden starts right off the beach breaking the surface with a staghorn coral field and huge schools of glassfish. This is one of Bali's best snorkelling areas and the actual dive site is reached by outrigger boat and starts in a shallow area of 3 to 8 metres of wonderful coral garden. It is possible to see turtles and bumphead parrotfish among the vast array of usual reef inhabitants. A moderate current guides you in approximately 20 min to the edge of a drop off leading down to around 30 metres. The wall is beautifully decorated with soft coral and every possible species of reef fish can be found here. Blue Spotted stingrays pop-in occassionaly, but the highlight is an area at 27m with a sandy bottom, where white-tip reef sharks cruise past.

Amed Drop Off 2 - Another drop off only 25m deep and ideal for subsequent shallower dives. As you would expect from the title, this site features a pinnacle, which commences from a depth of 25m and forms a scenic swimthrough in 20 m. At both drop offs the 5m safety stop will be highly entertaining amongst the corals and reef fish.

Both dives are comfortable drift dives in mild current, with outrigger boats following the divers.

Amed - At a Glance
Site characteristics: Drift, Drop Offs. Beautiful coral garden turning into a drop off
Visibility: 15-30 m season depending
Current: Mild to moderate
Coral growth: Large staghorn coral fields.
Marine life Sweetlips, turtles, barracuda, trevally, triggerfish and if you're really lucky, Manta rays.
Highlight: Large staghorn coral fields plus gorgonia fans growing up to 3m high
Photo ops: 8/10 wide angle and macro