Batu Ringit - Mystery Rocks

6km from Tulamben - accessible by motor vehicle bringing dive gear. Entry via the beach.

This is an interesting and varied dive site - stepped ridges of reef start at 3m and descend to around 40m. Around the 14 metres mark there is a small cave 5-6 metres deep.

Various sorts of cave fish life can be found here; the walls are coated in sponges, soft corals, tubestrea, anemones, feather stars and gorgonian fan corals. You can work your way through the steps, exploring the varied environments and marine inhabitants.

Mystery Rocks - At a Glance
Site characteristics: Stepped Reef
Visibility: 15-30 m average
Current: Mild to moderate
Coral growth: White tip reef sharks, bumphead parrotfish, turtles, moray eels and spotted rays
Marine life White and black tip reef sharks
Highlight: The cave and exploring the reef ridges
Photo ops: 8/10 wide angle and macro