Padang Bai / Candidasa

Padang Bai is a small, scenic and busy fishing village and port. The reefs in the area all have white bottoms and the diving can be absolutely stunning.

Tepekong & Mimpang - A short boat ride from Padang Bai and an even shorter hop from Candidasa, Tepekong is a volanic hump rising our of the water.

Underwater this area is covered with medusa-like coral heads absolutely adorned with blood-red sea fans, tunicates and various sponges. The competition for space is unbelievable

A drift dive, Tepekong can have strong currents but you are often rewarded with the sight of big pelagics and sometimes, sunfish.Grey reef sharks are also common in these two areas.

The Blue Lagoon is only a 5-minute boat ride from Padang Bai harbour and both north and south sections are excellent dive sites. The southern part of the reef drops vertically to 20m and continues in a sandy area. The underwater landscape is dominated by up to 4m high soft coral and ledges hiding large spiny lobsters.

On the northern side, the dive starts in only 3 to 5m deep water and you can either explore an interesting slope dropping to 30m with plenty of 'fan' worms and feather stars or it is possible to dive the sandy area while drifting between beautiful soft coral piles. Within a short distance, a large staghorn coral field stretches in 8m of depth alive with oriental sweetlips, basselets and schools of glassfish. Finally, hard coral fields replace the sandy area. At the outer reef edge, the current increases in strength, attracting white tip reef sharks, hunting for prey.