Climbing Tours - Mt Agung is currently closed

To climb Mt Agung, the highest mountain in Bali, you need to leave Tulamben at around 1am (yes....AM) in order to climb the volcano at sunrise.

Note: This climb is currently not available

The climb takes 3 hours each way and requires a local guide. You need to bring your own food and plenty of water.

Warning: This is a challenging climb.

Tours includes air-conditioned vehicle and local cultural guide and takes one whole day (about 6 hours round trip)

Price: Transport US$ 60 for two people plus US$10 extra per additional person (maximum 4)

Local Climbing Guide costs US$50 (minimum 2 people) or US$100 for 4 people

* Please remember to bring local Rupiahs to buy drink and food along the way on all tours