Kintamani, Lake Batur & Les (Waterfall)

1 Day Tour

Kintamani is an active volcano in northeast Bali (see Kintamani overnight tour if you are interested in climbing the volcano) and is an unforgettable trip. Every aspect of Balinese nature is displayed; rice fields, volcanoes, lakes, forests and small villages. To the south the road slowly ascends on a sloping plain all the way to Kintamani, with a great view over Gunung Batur (1,450 m) an active volcano which last erupted in 1926.

Kintamani actually sits on the edge of the caldera. We travel to the top of Gunung Batur and to Lake Batur in the bottom of the crater. From Kintamani the road to the bottom of the crater is very steep and in bad condition, so travellers really do need to be with a local guide.

These great pictures are by Bjorn Grotting and you can see them and more on

Tours includes air-conditioned vehicle and local cultural guide and takes one whole day (about 6 hours round trip). Lunch is not included but both local or western lunches are available.

Price: US$ 60 for two people plus US$10 extra per additional person (maximum 4)

* Please remember to bring local Rupiahs to buy drink and food along the way on all tours